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Metal Building and Green Houses

The most versatile cannabis buildings


Some cannabis operations may require a building solution other than a greenhouse or high tunnel, and for the Grow. Top View Roofing & Construction can provide a super versatile cannabis Metal Building. The Metal Building gives cannabis operations a clear span space that can be customized to meet even the most specific growing, processing, work space or retail requirements. Each building can be outfitted with all the growing tools and accessories, creating a space that can significantly improve an operation’s functionality.


Top View Roofing & Construction Fabric Structures, is an industry-leading manufacturer of fabric and metal buildings with over 40 years of experience. When designing a metal building, customers can rest easy knowing that Top View Roofing & Construction Cannabis Specialists are taking care of all their growing and cannabis needs, while Top View Roofing & Construction Truss Arch Specialists are ensuring they get a structure of the highest quality and utmost durability.


The Top View Roofing & Construction  Cannabis Metal Building Advantage includes:


    The most versatile structure – Grow, process, work and more

    Low cost per square foot

    Ultimate durability – Industry-leading warranties

    Expert consultation – Cannabis and building specialists on staff

    No internal support posts – Maximum usable space

    Low maintenance – Minimal labor requirements

    Stock and custom designs – Meet any operational need

    Minimal foundation requirements


Where this structure separates itself from other metal buildings is in its versatility. The trusses don’t require any internal support columns, so each building provides the maximum amount of usable space. This means that any grow op or processing facility can be arranged in any way, allowing operations to achieve superior functionality and profitability. The clear span design also makes it easier to clean and maintain an environment that is suitable for cannabis production.


The Metal Building is constructed with steel trusses that have been triple galvanized to ensure a long and dependable life. The corrosion-resistant trusses feature a 50 year warranty, and they are clad with corrugated metal that comes with a 25 year warranty.


For those looking to utilize the structure for a processing facility or general workspace, Top View Roofing & Construction Cannabis Specialists can offer expert consultation on how to best arrange and utilize the structure, allowing it to compliment any business.


Unlike other traditional buildings, the Metal Building has minimal foundation requirements, and this allows it to be built just about anywhere. The Metal Building can be built on traditional foundations, including poured concrete and posts or piers, but many customers opt for Top View Roofing & Construction  exclusive Helical Anchoring System. This system quickly drills directly into the ground, creating a secure foundation. It significantly cuts down on excavation and construction time, providing customers with significant savings.  


To find out more about how a Metal Building could help your operation


We provide superior quality, service and durability at low prices for your custom or prefab steel building needs.


All Steel Buildings™ features:

• 50 years building design experience

• 40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty

• 40-year limited warranty on paint

• Efficient shipping scheduling

• State-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility

• 100% Made in the USA

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Building Features Whether you need a steel building for a small office space or a large warehouse, or you need a steel building for a small office space or a large warehouse, Top View Roofing & Construction engineers can design a building of any size.


We provide superior quality, service and durability at low prices for your custom or prefab steel building needs.