Windows Installation

windowsAt Top View Roofing, we carry the best and most energy-efficient windows on the market. Our experts are highly informed about all window features, and because we’ve been in business for more than a quarter-century, we know the climate and weather patterns that are unique to the Oklahoma area. Therefore, we know which products will perform best here.

We’ll also work with you to determine the right windows for your specific aesthetic and energy-efficiency needs. Speaking of which: Replacing your windows with more energy-efficient versions will have an instant impact on your bills. Did you know that most homes are built with single-pane windows? These are not great in terms of saving energy — in fact, if you hold your hand near a single-pane window on a cold day, you can feel the chill that is coming in.

Replacing those single-pane versions with high-quality, double-pain windows is a wonderful investment for your home, and it will reduce your energy bills by quite a bit.

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Top-quality window installations

residential windowsAccording to the Department of Energy, energy loss from windows is about 25 percent of your annual heating and cooling costs in the average home. But there are steps you can take to reduce that number — and replacing those single-pane windows is one of the most important.

By some estimates, your energy usage can be reduced by up to 24 percent in cold climates, and up to 18 percent during the summer. 

Double-paned windows also insulates your home against outside noise, making for a more comfortable environment all around.

But quality matters when it comes to the installation of new windows. If the seals aren’t put in properly or the glass is poorly manufactured, it will negate all of the savings you would have enjoyed. Quality is key! So it’s important to trust the job to professionals like ourselves, who have worked on many window installations over the years.

So if you’re interested in window installation in Oklahoma City or the surrounding area, contact us today to get started. We’re here to help you!